Mr.Wipe a Lot Compressed Hand Magic Towels Multipurpose for Wipe and Clean Camp Travel Backpacking 3 Pack12x24

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Mr. Wipe Alots are three towels for personal care, hygiene and smart travel. Each towel is compacted in a disk for easy storage and space saving. They also great for cleaning surfaces. They can be washed and reused.


1. They are soft against the skin being great for skin irritations and itches

2. Reusable and can be washed in a machine 

3. Absorbs nine times its weight in water

4. They are so compact you can store in pocketbook, glove compartment and wallet

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    Posted by Karl on 2nd May 2016

    We purchased these towels for a camping trip, and we will never go camping without them again! They are so small and light to carry AND they are reusable!! We use them for washing our dishes while we camp. One towel was all we needed to use for our 4 day camping trip. They were perfect for scrubbing out all the grim, and they dried quickly so we could reuse them again in the morning :) If you are looking for a simple/light solution for having a little more luxury in your camp kitchen, I would highly suggest getting a pack of these!

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    Absorbent and Compact Towels - Great To Keep in Your Purse, Diaper Bag, Car, etc.!

    Posted by Rebekah Hills on 12th Feb 2015

    These are perfect for what they're intended for - they are SUPER compact which makes them very easy to take anywhere you need them. Keep one in your glove box, purse, diaper bag, picnic basket, take one in your suitcase, emergency bag, first aid kit, carry on bag, back pack, etc. You can use these for everything from wiping down a table after a meal, cleaning up a spill, wiping off your child's hands and face, cleaning sand off your body, shoes, etc. at the beach, and pretty much anything else you can think of that you'd use a paper towel or other towel for! You need to add liquid to get the towel to expand, and then it's ready to go - and they are machine washable / reusable! I was worried that they would be fairly fragile / rip but they have a thicker texture to them then I was expecting. It held up fine to wiping down a table (including scrubbing at something stuck on), being rinsed, wrung out, and scrubbing some more. I love that these aren't just "one and done" towels. I received this product in exchange for an honest review based on my personal experiences.

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    I still have, but I want more.

    Posted by Bonnie from Hawaii on 29th Nov 2013

    I bought a bunch of these (like 10 pks) for what I felt was a reasonable price. I was looking for these dehydrated towelletes and found them. Good size (nice and big) for wiping things up or self too. I would buy more if I find a good price on them again. (Est. $1 ea piece maybe.)

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Absorb more and dry quicker than cotton and microfiber

Handle easier when wet

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Are soft against the skin

Provide insulation against the heat and cold

Act as great survival tools

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