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Are you travelling somewhere where space is a premium and you don’t want to take up all your luggage room with big bulky towels? Perhaps you are going camping and you don’t want to wait hours for your towels to dry, or worse still, you hate the odor that begins to build up following a couple of days squeezing them back into your backpack? Lightload Towels are the answer! Just imagine popping 10 small towels into your pocket along with your keys and whenever you need one, you simply dip it into a little water, watch it expand and then unpeel it to reveal a handy sized ultra-absorbent, anti-bacterial towel of lushness! If you like your towels to multi-task you have come to the right place. The Light Load Towels are multi-functional, yes you can use them as a travel towel, a sun shield, a head and shoulder cooler, insulator, a first aid supplement and more.  Weighing in at only .5 oz. each the weight of 200 feathers, you could be forgiven for forgetting that you have them. The Ideal ultra-lightweight towels, are also great for camping, cyclists who can slip them into their jersey back pockets, for people going to the gym before work or distance runners wiping the sweat away. Wherever weight is a concern Lightload Towels are the answer. Each towel is neatly compressed within our waterproof packaging meaning you will always have a clean dry soft towel for good hygiene, personal care and first aid. Effectively, if you need a lightweight, compact, space-saving, and potentially lifesaving multi tool, then I dare you to find better than the Lightload Towels. We're hikers, bikers and travelers ourselves. All Lightload Towels are designed for our adventures and yours. We believe in better outdoors products because helping you all get out there and explore properly is our goal.



100+ Uses: The Ultimate Outdoor Survival Towel: Whether you spend your holidays on a long distance hike, camping in the back country of New England or just wanting to re-stock your bug out kit- a multi-purpose survival tool like this can quite literally save your life. Our towels can be used for bathing, cleaning, collecting water, first aid, starting fires, protecting you from the sun etc. Pretty much everything you might need for a trip into the wild. These little disks are so versatile, you can swim across a lake, with a few of them in your pocket (within their packets), get out and use one to dry yourself up and the other to start a fire.

ULTRA ABSORBENT: QUICK TO DRY & HYGENIC: It Absorbs like a sponge, taking in water at more than 9.5 times its weight. Cotton and other fabrics weigh a ton when saturated with water. Ours weigh little and are easy to wring out and take little time to dry. Keeping good hygiene when you are on the go is important and there is no other product that controls the dirt, smells and uncleanliness like lightload Towels.

COMPACT DURABLE AND LIGHT: If you spend a lot of time in the great outdoors like we do; hiking, biking and much more, then you know how important the weight of your 
backpack is. Don't let a heavy towel rob you of the joy of the journey. Our towels weigh practically nothing and take up almost no space, yet they are so sponge like absorbent that when wet they can reach up to 9 times their original weight. At the size of a silver dollar and the weight of 200 feathers, you'll be able to save your space for the more important stuff, like food and water. Enjoy your time outside, lighten your load!

Great Fabric AND EASY TO CLEAN: A lot of travel towels use cheap, in-effective materials. We don't. We use the best Lyocell, which "has been on the receiving end of numerous awards, including the "European Award for the Environment" by the European Union" Hiking and Backpacking can be messy stuff; from sweat to mud, you're going to need something to clean you up after a long day. Feeling sweaty? Want to freshen up a bit? Wet your lightload, clean yourself up, wash out with water and simply wring it to dry. You also don't want a towel that is complicated to clean. Our remarkably energy efficient fabric is naturally antibacterial and easy so you don't need detergents, bleaches and fabric softeners that pollute water. Just rinse and use. Voila

Soothing on SKIN: Being out in the great outdoors is great, but it can be tough on your skin. Lightload towels are a bio-based, hypoallergenic, soft, sponge like material, perfect for sensitive skin. If you've got a rash, nettle sting, or generally aggravated skin, soothe it with one of these. Just apply when dry. The sweat wicking cloth is another feature that can cool your skin down and reduce the irritation you get from long days out. The smooth, soft material can be cooled in clean cold water to create a cold-compress if you're too hot.





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  • 5
    Light weight towels

    Posted by David Nighteagle on 1st Dec 2018

    They look so small when they arrive which is perfect for what I want them for but when you open them up they are perfect.

  • 5
    .. had stashed these in my truck and they work like a champ save the day thank you light

    Posted by wetdog on 14th May 2018

    I was surfing with my girlfriend at a kind of a remote place and of course we brought everything but towels but I remembered I had stashed these in my truck and they work like a champ save the day thank you light load

  • 5
    Perfect for backpacking

    Posted by Syau on 27th Apr 2018

    I love these for backpacking. They are super small and light, as the name implies. Taking a sponge bath with one of these after a strenuous hike is a morale booster. Plus your tent mate will thank you.

  • 5
    I was not expecting these to be as good as they actually are

    Posted by darthkitsu on 5th Sep 2017

    I was not expecting these to be as good as they actually are. I took a shower and was able to dry myself and my long hair with just 2. Once they've been wet they're actually really soft. They dry fast and stay light & packable.

  • 5
    So versatile!

    Posted by Global Traveler on 18th Jul 2017

    Own different sizes of these. Take them on every trip and use them every time for one reason or another. Washing dishes, dusting or cleaning shoes etc. Wouldn't be without these.

  • 5
    Excellent product for hiking!

    Posted by customer on 23rd May 2017

    I am so glad I found this product. I was planning a 5 week hiking trip and was concerned about having to pack towels and how much space they would take up and how much they would weigh. I found this product and it solved my issue. This are completely light weigh, take up very little space and they work REALLY WELL. They are sturdy, absorb water well and can dry very quickly. This was one of the best products I took with me on my trip and I’m definitely going to buy them in the future.

  • 5
    They are great. Never seen anything like this before

    Posted by Darla Rae Ketcham on 24th Feb 2017

    They are great. Never seen anything like this before. Service was prompt too. Thank you.

  • 5
    Happily added to my back pack...great item

    Posted by Pocono Bob on 12th Oct 2015

    The Lightload Towels are just that....light and compact. I have bought a two packs and now plan to buy more. I activated one to see how it evolves from a very portable, light weight towel and am impressed with the 12' x 24' size and quality. It is similar to a handi-wipe. This has some great qualities other then its large size, terrific absorbency and light weight. This is a great back pack, bug out bag item. It is orange which could be used for an emergency flag if stranded or lost. For a back pack item, this could be used for many activities such as bathing, cleaning, towel, used to obtain water from morning dew on plants, a preliminary water filter, tourniquet on arm, fire starter. Definitely a good survival tool. I plan on putting two in each of my back packs and some in my car. I gave one to my bother who back packs often and he was very excited about the item...size, weight and many usages.

With weight and size now a major concern for everyone on the go, behold, Lightload Towels provide the perfect solution. Our full sized beach towels are packaged to fit easily in a pants pocket and weigh only 5 oz. Hold a bunch of our smaller size towels in your hand and still have room for keys and money.

Absorb more and dry quicker than cotton and microfiber

Handle easier when wet

Weigh less when wet

Are soft against the skin

Provide insulation against the heat and cold

Act as great survival tools

These are by far the best towels for you.

Wholesalers please contact us at 954-999-9290 or info@liload.com