1.  How do I care for my Lightload Towels?
Lightload Towels can be machine washed in a front loader washing machine. If you don't have a front loader like when traveling then put the towels in a pocket then put in machine. Hand washing might be the best option as you can control the wash. You can use in a dryer.

  2.  How long do they last?

Lightload Towels are amazing travel towels. In their compact packaging they last for a very long time. They can be stored indefinitely in a small space like a pack or a tackle box that has lots of use.

Backpackers have claimed that they traveled  thousands of miles and the Lightload Towels are still in their packs but havent been used. I say that's great. you don't have to. They are so light and take up almost no space.  Just wait for that emergency when they are needed. All other towels would have long been discarded from backpackers packlists if not used.

Outside of the packaging, Lightload Towels can be used until they can't. Some travelers have claimed to using for more than a year. They are designed to be reusable but not last forever. Our Extra Strength Lightload Towels Last much longer.

After final use a  Lightload Towel is easily disposed of. Just  burn it. Other travel towels most of which are microfiber are very difficult to remove from the environment.

  3.  How do I open?
Dipping in water or wiping sweat off of you softens the towels up and gets the wrinkles out. However, you can open without water in cold conditions. Just squeeze the sides of the hand towels out of the package and then unravel.

  4.  What is the material?
The material is 100 percent biobased Lyocell. Lyocell is an award winning fabric that is made from wood chips.

  5.  What is the difference between this and the other towels in  the  outdoor market?
 Lightload  Towels are much more absorbent than the microfiber and cotton towels on the market. They also are more versatile and pack down smaller making travel a cinch. Lightload Towels are also the most energy efficient towels on the market. Save on electricity, water and washing chemtricals with our great towels. Lightloads are also hypoallergenic and much softer on the skin than other travel towels.

 6.  How are they survival tools?
Use them as a wind scarf in cold conditions, firestarter, strainer, first aid supplement, static electricity insulator, diaper and more. After a few days of heavy rain along with cool temperatures on a backpacking trip, you could start to get hypothermic. Lightloads provide insulation against this. Just wrap up and travel on. As food they can attract small insects like silverfish that eat the cellulosic fiber in the material. As a weapon they can be used to strike in package and as a choke hold with the towels.

 7. What is the difference between the bandana and the lightload Towels?

Lightload Towels are very good insulation in cold activitites while the bandana material isn't. The material of a bandanna is cotton and  "cotton kills." Lightload towels are naturally anti bacterial, hypoallergenic and great for skin irritations like nettles stings. It's antibacterial because of it's excellent water management. They are also much lighter than a bandanna. Carry eight lightload Towels of the 12 x12 in. and you will approximate the weight of just one bandanna. Also those eight towels in the package will not take up the space of one bandanna. You will  have clean dry new towels to use instead of that used up bandanna.